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Oracle’s Past and Present


Oracle Senior Society was founded September ’02 at the University of Pennsylvania by Sandeep Acharya, Earl Lee, Julia Lee, Eugena Oh, and Sylvia Srisinthorn. They came together with the common goal of bringing together Asian Pacific Islander American student leaders from all facets of university life, for the purposes of networking as well as exchanging experiences and ideas. In the Fall of 2002, they initiated their first class, the class of 2003.

The original symbol of Oracle was the Zia Sun Symbol while the original colors were black and gold.


To recognize Senior undergraduate students who have demonstrated passion, leadership, commitment, and achievement as an Asian Pacific student or for the Asian Pacific community at the University of Pennsylvania as well as to establish the opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group.


Every year Oracle’s class of 25 seniors engage themselves in the Penn community through community service, mentorship, and networking. Oracle often collaborates with Onyx Senior Honor Society and Cipactli Latino Honor Society to host events such as the annual OCO Multicultural Faculty/Alumni Meet and Greet. In addition, Oracle’s mascot is Ori Cool, the ostrich who enjoys a day in the life of each Oracle member’s activities.


It is Oracle’s goal to: (1) Promote diversity within the Asian Pacific American Community, (2) provide a broad network for Asian Pacific American students through facilitating communication between these student leaders, (3) create a greater sense of a Pan-Asian Community, and (4) elevate the profile of Asian Pacific American leaders on campus and beyond.