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Stay Connected

Tap Into the Growing Oracle Alumni Network

Oracle Alumni at Homecoming 2015 | Happy Hour at Drinker’s West | November 1st, 2014

Being inducted into the Oracle family is an honor that stays with you after you graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. Out of college, you join an alumni network that has grown larger and stronger ever since the first class was initiated in the Fall of 2002. We reside across the nation and around the globe and work in a wide variety of industries, including finance, medicine, law, government, politics, and much more. 

We hope to be able to give you the opportunity to connect with fellow alumni and develop a closer relationship with the greater Oracle community. Additionally, we want to allow the undergraduate members to utilize our alumni as a resource for career and life advice.

Currently, we have three main means to stay connected as alumni: LinkedIn group, Facebook group, and a Google group. To join the Google group, please contact the current Oracle Skeeper.

As we continue to induct new classes each year, we recognize the need and are currently working towards a comprehensive directory and additional resources, such as an Alumni board and regional groups, to truly harness the strength of the Oracle network. If you have ideas or want to get involved with these initiatives, please contact the current Oracle Skeeper.